What holds you back from investing?

I’m going to start off with a story. I promise that the story has a point!

One Sunday I made it to church with my family. It had been a while since I was there. One of the elders came over to say hello and it was good to see us, etc. As usual, my response was that we had been very busy and working a lot of hours, running the kids to their team practices and just did not have a Sunday free to come in.

To my surprise, the elder replied, “because you do not prioritize coming to church”. I smiled and walked to the pew where my family was sitting. I stewed on this comment all through the service and for many days. How dare she accuse me of not prioritizing. I felt that’s all I did all week long was prioritize my family, work and school (I was also working on my Bachelor’s degree at that time). I felt there was nothing left to give or prioritize. Her words really bothered me. On the third day of turmoil over that one sentence, I finally asked myself… “why are you so bothered by this comment?”

After I spent some time ruminating on this, I realized… I’m bothered because I did not prioritize. You see, I have the ability to prioritize my schedule and the things that matter most to me. And that is what she was saying. Coming to church was not at the top of my list. My family was. My work was. Going to school was. But not coming to church. So I re-evaluated my priorities.

So now I turn the message around to you. What is your priority?

We all do things each day, each week that we think are important, but perhaps they are not as important as doing something else. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day that we fail to realize that the things driving our day could maybe wait. Think about this. Look at your schedule. Where are things that could wait a few days, wait till the weekend. Wait until the kids are at a sleepover, etc. Maybe laundry can wait until the weekend? Maybe planning your weekly meals on Sunday so you have more time each night to work your plan is an option? Maybe its asking the grandparents to pick the kids up once a week from school until after dinner so you can find a quiet place to work your plan is an option? There are so many things you can look at.

If you are serious about investing in real estate, you will need to prioritize some time to: 1. Learn as much as you can 2. Begin the journey of investing which means creating a plan of action.

As women, we tend to take on a lot. Juggling work and family. I strongly urge you to spend some time thinking about what it is you want to achieve and carve out opportunities to walk that path. Maybe you have a couple of days saved at work to take off and dive in? Maybe you have a long weekend coming up where you can give time to learning and creating your investing plan? For me, when I want to do something new, I carve out an hour in the morning (before anyone wakes) and an hour at night (after all are in bed). This has worked for me through my Bachelor’s and Master Degrees. What ever your carve out is… it is a necessity to plan. Otherwise you may never get off the ground. Prioritizing is so very important.

I hope this helps you to point in the direction you want to head… investing in real estate.

For more information on real estate, Lisa has a second blog at: www.jerseygirlforeclosures.com

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